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Where will I be teaching?
You will be teaching in students’ homes.  

Where in the city do students usually live?  Will I have to do a lot of driving?
Teachers are matched with students who live in the same geographical areas. If you are asked to teach a student who lives farther away from you, then you will be paid a higher rate to compensate for travel time.

After I send in my application, how soon will I be contacted and how soon will I start teaching.
You will be contacted within one week after submitting your completed application. The date you begin teaching depends on student availability.

What does it mean to be an independent contract teacher?
Being a contract teacher means that you are not an employee of Key Mobile Music. You are employed on a contract basis. You are your own boss, you decide how much to teach, and which students to teach. There are many advantages to being a contract teacher:

no employment insurance premiums deducted on your payments

many expenses are tax-deductible - for example, expenses of travelling to and from students’ homes is tax-deductible

more freedom to choose own working hours

can work as much or as little as you like

When and how are teachers paid?

Payments are made by Interac e-Transfer once per month.

You will complete a Teacher Report Form for each family, at the end of each month. This report will show how many lessons took place that month. It is signed by you, the teacher, and the parent and returned to our office. These reports provide the necessary information for teacher payments and student invoices.

Do I need to have formal classical training?
Having a classical music background has its advantages, but it isn’t a necessity to being a good music teacher. We look at all types of musical education and teaching experience when considering new teachers.
What types of education backgrounds do your teachers have?
Some of our teachers have Royal Conservatory of Music and/or Conservatory Canada training, from grade six up to grade 10. Some of our teachers have Diplomas or Degrees in music. And, some of our teachers don't have extensive formal training yet are actively working as musicians.

Do you help out teachers who are new to teaching?
Yes, definitely! We provide assistance from your first phone contact with a potential student to choosing appropriate lesson materials at the music store. In addition, we are always available to answer your questions and provide guidance…for your entire career with Key Mobile Music.

We do all the paper work and administrative side of teaching. You concentrate on what you do best – teach!

Do teachers have a say in whom they teach?
Definitely! Teachers are presented with the names and additional information of potential students. Teachers contact these students to discuss the possibility of lessons and then decide which students they are interested in teaching. Choosing which students to teach depends on many factors, such as: where the student lives, age of the student, style of lessons desired, days and times available for lessons, etc.

Do I need to be Canadian?
All teachers need to either be Canadian citizens, Landed Immigrant Status or have a valid work permit. We are not able to provide employer Labour Market Opinion (LMO) sponsorship.

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